Pause for a moment

And just be

I am busy
I am stressed
I am a mother / daughter / father / son
I am a student / worker / unemployed
I am hopeful
I am fearful
I am lonely
I am going to make my life better
I am so tired of overthinking and worrying
I am wanting more relaxation
What if you just paused for a moment…
Gave yourself permission to stop worrying for the next
10/20/30 minutes …
Postponed thoughts of the future or the past
 for just the next little while…
And began to notice….
I am seeing
I am hearing
I am sensing
I am here
I am
The practice of meditation can help support you with reconnecting with your immediate experience, right here, now. 
Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, we begin to relax, the mind starts to calm down, and we can just be.
The results can be remarkable.

How Meditation Can Help You

Science can now confirm what regular meditators have known to be true for thousands of years… that meditation creates observable changes in peoples happiness, peace of mind, clarity and overall sense of well being.

 There are numerous articles published in relation to scientific studies conducted on meditators, which prove that it is not just the persons subjective experience, but also measurable changes in actual physiology that take place.  The relaxation effects are often immediate, with ongoing effects on stress levels.

See the Difference
Whether you’ve read or heard about it as a means to relaxation, seen its effects on someone you know, been guided toward it by a healthcare professional for stress management, or perhaps even a friend or colleague has recommended it… you are here reading about it now… why don’t you give it a try for yourself and see what happens?
What we’ve noticed is that people that carve out as little as 10 minutes in their day to pause and practice meditation begin to see changes in their levels of calmness, happiness and ability to remain grounded with whatever life throws at them.